Well I'm back! I deleted my previous blog but since no one stole my username during my time away, here I am again!

Don't be scared to message me! I love meeting new people!



true friends don’t judge each other

they judge other people


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you know what would be fab? being someones first choice for once in my life.


feelin good about yourself but suddenly you look at someone and then you look at yourself again and boom

hornycombatmedic asked
You should come sit on my face. I have pizza too. :)

Idk, I might just use you for the pizza ;p

e-protect asked
aren't you quite the little devil, promiscuous bother

Psh guys are just easy :p

Anonymous asked
May we have some of ur throwback pics from ur old blog? Are u gonna get nasty dirty for us?😘

I’ll see if I can find any of my old stuff on the internet still haha I don’t have any of it saved anymore :p

cougarsmilfs asked
What disorder you have and how do you not have a boyfriend, are guys just to afraid to talk to a beautiful girl like you

I actually do have a boyfriend right now but I was just single for almost an year haha people never date me :p
And I have a list of disorders… I won’t bore you with that :p

e-protect asked
but women don't charm anyone, only poison

You caught me! I’ve been poisoning men’s minds with my feminine ways…